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Computer Internet Access

San Jac is dedicated to providing you with the best resources possible to succeed in your academic endeavors, and this includes access to the internet and state-of-the-art computer technology. Take a look at how you can stay connected, stay productive, and achieve your goals with our technology resources.

How To Get A Loaner Laptop

Don’t have a computer? San Jac can loan you a laptop for the duration of your attendance! Check out what steps you need to take below to get your laptop.
  1. Complete Your Student Technology Survey

    You must complete the survey in your SOS before you can qualify.

  2. Respond to Our Confirmation Email

    You will receive an email with a link to an online form if you are identified as a student that needs a computer. You must complete this form before we can proceed with assigning a loaner laptop. You must respond to the email or else you will be removed from the list.

  3. Sign the Contract

    Once we receive your completed confirmation form, we will send you an email with a  digital contract. This is a digital agreement that can be reviewed and signed on a mobile device. You must sign this contract within two days of receipt or your order will be canceled.

  4. Receive Your Laptop at Home

    You will receive a phone call from dispatch confirming your delivery address and schedule a time for delivery. If you do not respond to the phone call, you will receive one follow-up email. You must be present and able to show a photo ID to the courier to accept the laptop.

Loaner Laptop FAQs


How Do I Log Into My Loaner Laptop?

Please use the exact credentials below to log into your laptop:
Username: sjc.student 
Password:  password

What’s Installed on My Loaner Laptop?

Good news: we have already installed the software you need to complete your coursework on your loaner laptop. If you need access to a specific software for a course, please contact your instructor.

What Should I Do if the Laptop Is Damaged/Stopped Working?

Please contact Tech Support at 280-998-6137 or A ticket will be created for you, and you will be contacted with further instructions.

Tech Spaces on Campus

Library Technology Space
Our campus libraries offer computers, printers, academic databases, and more to support your research and creative endeavors! 
omputer Interactive Learning Center
Our Interactive Learning Centers (ILCs for short) are specialized facilities that are equipped with computers, printers, and other technology to help you on your academic journey. 
Computer Kiosks
If you need a computer to complete your registration and payment process, we have kiosks and registration labs at all of our campus Welcome Centers and lobby areas. 

Connecting to Wi-Fi Across Campus

San Jac offers a secure way to connect your laptop or mobile device to the College’s Wi-Fi network. This Wi-Fi can be used on any campus, at the district office, and campus parking lots located near the Interactive Learning Centers at Central, North, and South campuses.

Select SJCD-Secure SSID From the Wi-Fi Connections on Your Device

Only registered students and employees can access SJCD-Secure. If you are a visitor on our campus, check out our instructions on how to use our Guest Wi-Fi on this page.

Log in Using Your Username and Password

If this is your first time connecting, complete the registration process for each device you want to use, including College-issued devices. If you are a returning user who is having issues signing in, go to your device’s Wi-Fi setting and select “Forget This Network” before trying to connect again. 

Connecting to San Jac’s Guest Wi-Fi

If you are a visitor at San Jac and would like to use our Wi-Fi, please follow the following steps. Once completed, your account will remain active for 180 days.
  1. Click or Tap SJCD-Guest Using Your Computer or Device

  2. Complete the Form

    Make sure to read the terms and conditions before clicking “Register.”

  3. Check Email for Confirmation Link

    You will not have Wi-Fi access until you confirm your account. Once you confirm, the “Log in” button will become available. If you are using a separate device to validate the link and are able to return to the post-registration page, you will need to click the “Log in” button at the bottom of that page to complete the connection.

Helpful Technology


San Jac can provide a virtual desktop hosted in the cloud and accessed using your computer. This is an excellent option if you need access to software that cannot run on your computer. 

If your computer doesn’t have a webcam, San Jac can lend you a webcam for your attendance.
Did you know we have cellular internet devices available to loan? You can use these devices at home, and we fund the cost for the duration of your attendance.

Need Help?

If you have any tech-related questions, please contact us!

Tech Support
Phone: (281) 998-6137