Turn impossible to ‘I’m possible’ at San Jac

Apr 8, 2024Courtney Morris
San Jacinto College transfer student Gary Cooper
Transfer student Gary Cooper

What’s next for you?

Like many high school seniors, Gary Cooper cringed at that question. He had just moved to Texas, and each day held enough challenges. 

Cooper wasn’t even considering college until San Jacinto College representatives shared about a debt-free degree with his senior class. The Promise @ San Jac Scholarship not only sparked his interest but gave him a path.

“Two years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life or how I was going to pursue a career,” said Cooper, who graduates this May with an associate degree in fine arts. “Now I have a full plan to succeed and am on pace to achieve all my goals.”

San Jac changes impossible to “I’m possible” every day for students. April is Community College Month, celebrating high-quality education within reach. With endless options and personal support, San Jac can put you — like Cooper — on the path to success.

Transfer pathways

San Jac offers more than 200 degrees and certificates. Some paths lead to a solid career, while others transfer to a four-year institution for a higher degree.

Your assigned program advisor will answer questions about different majors, classes, careers, and university transfer options — and keep you in the loop about deadlines, scholarships, and internships.

“Your advisor can also help you learn about universities with strong programs in your major or unique experiences like study abroad or summer camps,” Crystal Ramirez Moreno, transfer pathway coordinator, said. “Your advisor is a great advocate to have on your side!”

Not sure which major to choose? That’s normal with hundreds of possible careers and transfer universities.

“Remember, your decision isn’t permanent,” Moreno said. “You can change later if you need to.”

If a bachelor’s degree is your goal, your advisor will help make the transfer process as smooth as possible. Moreno recommends attending transfer fairs and touring universities as early as your first semester, when classes are less challenging.

Learn more about transfer support.

Student success

Beyond having his tuition and textbooks covered 100% through the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship, Cooper has “benefited a lot from making the decision to attend San Jac.”

“Even if you’re unsure which career path you want to pursue, San Jac provides a lot of resources that will help you make a smart decision,” he said. “Career and academic advisors and professors give a lot of advice and real-world experience that will help you progress.”

After graduating this spring, Cooper will study graphic design at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. One day he hopes to design promo materials for an NBA team or music artists.

Also graduating this spring is computer science major Dior Muankaew, a future software engineer/data scientist.

Like Cooper, Muankaew has leveraged San Jac’s support network to prepare for transfer. She recommends getting help from the College’s academic advisors, mental health counselors, and tutoring center.

Finishing high school at 16, Muankaew found San Jac to be the perfect launchpad.

“I felt like attending a four-year university wasn’t feasible for me at that age,” she said. “I would have accrued a lot of debt, and I wasn’t mature enough to be on my own just yet. So I enrolled at San Jacinto College for the affordability, time to mature, and an introduction to higher education.”

Solid careers

Are you ready to take the first step toward a brighter future? A San Jac associate degree can link you to a high-paying* career like … 

  • Information security analyst: $110,512
  • Refinery operator: $81,305
  • Respiratory therapist: $76,660
  • Drafter: $57,408

 “Don’t be scared to take the risk [of college] — it will take you farther than you expect,” Cooper said.

Take your first step today with a degree or certificate from San Jac. Learn more about careers that pay.

*Salaries from texaswages.com (2022 wages by workforce development area, median annual salary, Gulf Coast region)

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